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What we thought might have been a minor inconvenience, turned into an extended odyssey in renovation when a modest leak required us to completely remove all the wallpaper and flooring from our entire office.We hope you all will agree that the result is outstanding, allowing us to provide the best care we possibly can in a comfortable and welcoming environment.


We're so proud to have served the Port Charlotte community for over 35 years. Dr. Tony Menendez and our team have a passion for compassionate, comfortable and exceptional dental care, and it has been a joy to share it with you!


Excellence is appreciated! Dr. Menendez was recently recognized as a leader in the Florida Academy of General Dentistry, a lifelong learner and a dog-devotee in the September edition of Florida Focus. You can read his professional highlight below.

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It’s an incredible accomplishment to have spent two long years in completing the requirements for Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. I’m proud to have helped them be the best dentists they can possibly be and thank them for what they’ve taught me!Congratulations and Thank you my friends!

MARCH 2021

Dr. Menendez is one of only 300 dentists in both Canada and the United States to receive the Life Long Learning and Service Recognition from the Academy of General Dentistry, and he is one of only a handful to earn the LLSR award multiple times. Dr. Menendez, a dentist in Port Charlotte Florida, is currently working towards his fifth LLSR.


Dr. Tony Menendez, a dentist from Port Charlotte, Florida, was honored to work with Dr. Will Martin, President of the United States section of the International Team for Implantology, and Dr. Luiz Gonzaga, co-director of the Implant Center at the University of Florida. He has had the honor of working with these respected researchers and practitioners for the past 18 years in conjunction with the Comprehensive Dental Program at the University of Florida.


Tony Menendez, DDS, MAGD, a dentist in Port Charlotte, Florida, working with specialists in dental materials, Dr. Jim Haddix, Dr. Saulo Geraldo and Dr. Jean-Francois Roulet, at the University of Florida College of Dentistry demonstrating new techniques and procedures in restorative dentistry.


Dr. Tony Menendez, DDS, MAGD was again awarded the Expertise award as one of the Best Dentists in Port Charlotte for 2020.

JULY 18, 2020

Despite the cancellation of the Academy of General Dentistry's national meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tony Menendez, DDS, MAGD, a dentist in Port Charlotte, Florida, was awarded his fourth Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition award.The Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition award epitomizes a career of excellence in dentistry. It acknowledges the continued achievements of AGD masters to embrace their obligations to stay current and give back to their communities and profession. To date, fewer than 375 members have received this recognition.

APRIL 2020

Tony Menendez, DDS, MAGD, a dentist in Port Charlotte, Florida, has been named in the Sarasota Magazine's list of Top Dentists for 2020!


Dr. Menendez, a dentist in Port Charlotte, Florida, participated as a visiting faculty member in the pharmacology weekend at the University of Florida's Comprehensive Dental Program with Dr. Richard Wynn lecturing on current concepts of pharmacology. Of note is the change of using clindamycin for individuals allergic to penicillin due to the increasing numbers of individuals coming down with C. diff. Short of a true history of an anaphylactic reaction, Keflex is the drug of choice. Drs. Menendez, Wynn and Haddix — Social distancing in the time of COVID-19 at University of Florida College of Dentistry.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

Dr. Menendez, a dentist in Port Charlotte, Florida, participated as a visiting faculty member in the FL AGD Mastertrack endodontics (root canals) weekend. The main focus of this weekend's discussion was the importance and "new" standard of care in using CBCT (3D) radiographs in the diagnosis and treatment planning of endodontic procedures whereby treatment modalities were changed as a result of their use.


As in the past, Dr. Menendez mentors dental students that show both promise and a desire to learn. With COVID-19 affecting so many learning institutions, this is now more important than ever. Kindra Dietrich, a second-year dental student from LECOM Dental College in Sarasota, assisted Dr. Menendez in the placement of dental implants for a dental colleague after maxillary sinus augmentation. In addition, Ms. Dietrich was shown the importance of CBCT (three-dimensional radiographs) in the treatment planning of placing implants in the maxillary arch and, in particular, evaluation of the anatomy of the sinus. Thank you to Ms. Dietrich for all her help and enthusiasm in this case!


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