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Our Team

Our team is highly trained and compassionate. Many of them have been a part of our team in one capacity or another since the 1990s. They believe in our philosophy that communication paves the way to Exceptional Dentistry. We believe that an informed patient makes decisions in their own best interest and is therefore a happy patient.

We take pride in providing the very best care that we can possibly deliver in a comfortable and caring environment. To that end, we employ the very best and latest advances in modern dentistry, including 3D digital X-rays (reducing radiation), quieter and more comfortable electric handpieces, informative and educational monitors that the patient can see, and a state-of-the-art, visibly accessible sterilization corridor, ensuring that only the highest standards of infection control are maintained. Our team is also bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. 

And for the latest in anxiety reduction and comfort, we employ our therapy assistant, Cassi, a purebred South African Mastiff or “Boerboel.” Cassi has eased the stress of adults and children alike.


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